VPS Offline and Not Responding (How to Diagnose) Print

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If you cannot connect to your VPS, use these tips to check the status of your VPS. Please contact us for assistance if the VPS remains unresponsive.

Reboot the VPS

Log in to the Control Panel to check the status of the server. You can find your VPS in the navigation menu, Services >> Dashboard.

If the VPS is offline, use the Reboot function to boot up the instance.

Check Connectivity with Ping

Use the ping command in Command Prompt or terminal to see if your VPS is responding to requests. For more info about using ping, see our guide. A successful ping result looks like this:

64 bytes from icmp_seq=6118 ttl=56 time=30.835 ms

Use VNC/Serial Console to View Bootup Sequence

Log in to the VPS Panel, and use the VNC (Windows) or Serial Console (Linux) options to launch a direct video session with the server's console. You can view the server's startup sequence, administer the server in offline mode, and perform rescue operations with attached ISO media. 

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